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Sealless Pumps Manufacturers, Sealless Pumps Manufacturer

Our company is one of the leading sealless pump manufacturer and supplier in India. Sealless pumps manufactured by us are widely used in various industries like chemical, petroleum and gas processing industries. These pumps are used for pumping various fluids like explosive fluids, toxic fluids, liquid gases, ultrapure liquids and acids. We manufacture these sealless pump using latest technologies and machineries. The designs of our sealless pumps are unique and highly suitable for hazardous and corrosive fluids.

Our range of pumps are determined by canned motors or magnetic couplings. In magnetic sealless pumps offered by us, a magnetic torque is generated due to the turning of a group of magnet along with motor shaft. This torque enables the rotation of the secondary magnets group, which is molded on the impeller insert. The driven shaft is enclosed in a pressurized container containing fluid. Containment barriers transmits the required power for our sealless pump and is sealed with the help of gaskets. Canned motor sealless pumps are unique in design having low noise vibration in construction with sleeve bearings specifically.

The internal bearings of our sealless pumps are made from silica carbide material. No mechanical seal is required for our sealless pumps since permanent magnetic drive system is provided. Our range of sealless pumps requires no mechanical seal or external shaft and hence 100% leak free. The magnetic sealless pumps are widely appreciated for its simple construction, extremely precise tolerance nature, easy maintenance, corrosive fluid applications and high operating temperature

Features of our sealless pumps:

  • Filters are provided for self cleaning.
  • High temperature operation up to 400 degree C.
  • Ideal for chemical installations.
  • Can transfer all types of corrosive fluids.
Sealless Pumps Manufacturers, Sealless Pumps Manufacturer
Sealless Pumps Manufacturers, Sealless Pumps Manufacturer