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Marine Canned Motor Pump is hermetically sealed electric motor mounted on single shaft thus eliminating the requirement of mechanical seal or other sealing device. Entire rotating assembly is immersed in the liquid, and motor isolated from the pumped liquid with corrosion resistant, non-magnetic liner (CAN) and Supporting Pipe. A part of the pumped liquid is by-passed through the rotor, for cooling of motor and lubricating the bearing.

  • Elimination of fan
  • Elimination of mechanical seal
  • No additional energy for Motor Cooling


  • No separate lubrication arrangement-Internal cooling. Carbon graphite or ceramic are used as bearings in CMP’s these components have very fine structure, withstand high temperature and very low co-efficient of friction. So they have definite bearing life under standard operating conditions.
  • No alignment Required. Due to Absence of the coupling.
  • Due to Fewer Components, small, compact design and resulting in saving in installation space and lesser weight compared to mechanical seal pumps.
  • These pumps are Absolute safety from risks of fire, explosion, and leakage. Vacuum tight construction prevents contamination of process liquids in the surroundings


  • No seals, no leaks.
  • Safe handling of hazardous liquids.
  • Average bearing life of 3 to 7 years.
  • Low routine maintenance.
  • Field replaceable Bearings
  • Minimum number of components.
Marine Sea Water Pumps, Marine Sea Water Pumps Suppliers
Marine Sea Water Pumps, Marine Sea Water Pumps Suppliers