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Canned Pump is a centrifugal pump with pump and hermetically sealed electric motor mounted on single shaft thus eliminating the requirement of mechanical seal or other sealing device. Entire rotating assembly is immersed in the liquid, and motor stator and rotor are isolated from the pumped liquid with corrosion resistant, non-magnetic liner and sleeve. Our canned pumps are known for their high reliability that makes them suitable for pumping of toxic, hazardous liquids, high temperature, high pressure services in nuclear power plant, Lithium Bromide circulation in refrigeration plant.

Flowwell manufactures quality canned pumps. Our range of canned pumps is extensively used in refinery and chemical plants for transportation of the fluid. These canned pumps are perfectly sealed and provides a model fluid transmission even in the most difficult environment. High in efficiency, our canned pumps are capable to withstand high pressure and are suitable for transmission of hot and cold liquids. These canned pumps consume very less power and are available in variety and we also do customize our canned pumps as per the specification of clients.

Advantages of Canned Pumps

  • Zero Emmision
  • Compact Design
  • Vaccum Tight
  • Quiet Operation
  • Explosion Proof
  • Repairable
  • No external Lubrication

Each canned motor pumps is manufactured by flowwell adheres to strict statistical quality control tolerances. Every flowwell pump and motor are 100% performance-tested before delivery.

Canned Pump, Canned Pumps, Canned Pump Protection
Canned Pump, Canned Pumps, Canned Pump Protection