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Over the years Flowwell has grown to become a leading canned motor pump manufacturer globally. Our dedication, sincerity and quality has made us the most trusted and dependable canned motor pump manufacturer in India and worldwide.

Our canned motor pump have been widely appreciated for their durability and excellent quality, we have been a preferred canned motor pump manufacturer to many clients worldwide.

Features of Canned Motor Pump:

  • Maintenance free
  • Compact in size
  • Sealless in construction
  • Very low noise
  • No misalignment
  • Very Low vibration
  • No rigid mounting
  • Flame and explosion proof optional

Not only do are we a recognized canned motor pump manufacturer in India, but our pumps have been exported worldwide due to the following advantages:

Advantages of Canned Motor Pump

  • The mister protected motor
  • Bearing monitor for bearing checks
  • Very low vibration and noise
  • Bearings and sleeves are easy replaceable
  • Protected while handling under vacuum conditions
  • Suitable for low NPSH requirements
  • No lubrication required
  • No mechanical seal, no leak.
  • Monobloc in construction
  • No alignment required.
  • No rigid foundation required
  • Pump and motor is single unit
  • Ensures zero leak at all conditions
Canned Motor Pump Manufacturers, API Canned Motor Pumps Manufacturers
Canned Motor Pump Manufacturers, API Canned Motor Pumps Manufacturers