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API 685 Pumps, API 685 Pump, API 685 Pumps Suppliers

Our company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of API 685 pumps in India. API 685 pumps offered by us are sealless pumps widely used in gas, petroleum and chemical industries. These API 685 sealless pumps for handling toxic and harmful liquids. These pumps offered by us are manufactured in accordance with industry standards for extreme system pressures, using quality machines and raw materials in accordance with API 685 specifications. Sturdy metals like stainless steel of different grades like 316, 316LS, cast steel etc are used for constructing these API 685 pumps and its parts.

Our range of API 685 pumps comprises of impellers, shaft, casing gaskets, silicon carbide thrust bearings etc. The working pressure of these pumps range from 350 PSI to 1500 PSI and can also handle heat transfer fluids with temperature up to 400 degree C. The casing of these heavy duty pumps are of high thickness to withstand high pumping capacities. External lubrication of the sealless pumps helps in efficient working of the system. The separation of liquid chamber in our pumps is achieved by means of an isolation shell.

Different parts like shafts, impellers, gaskets of these pumps can be easily changed. The use of elastic rings in these pumps reduces the bearing loads hence we ensure that our API 685 pumps require low maintenance. These pumps are used for pumping liquid gases, toxic liquids, heat transfer liquids, acids and various other hazardous liquids. Our range of sealless pumps are widely appreciated for its sturdy construction, high pressure capacities, dual containment etc.

Features of our API 685 Pumps:

  • Our range of API 685 sealless pumps are power controlled
  • Shell isolation is provided
  • Internal and external filters are provided

Applications of API 685 Pumps:

  • Chemical industries
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Gas industries
API 685 Pumps, API 685 Pump, API 685 Pumps Suppliers
API 685 Pumps, API 685 Pump, API 685 Pumps Suppliers